Year Anniversary Memorial

June 28, 2022

Join us on July 12th, one year after the tragic Brooklyn Tower Crane Collapse.

The memorial ceremony will take place in the 500 block of Bernard, just beside the intersection of Bernard and St. Paul.

Participants are encouraged to gather around 10am. The event will formally begin at 10:10am

A moment of silence will be held at the time the accident occurred one year ago.

Agenda of the memorial

10-10:10am: Attendees gather
10:10am: Welcome/Intros
10:15am: Address from the North Okanagan Labour Council
10:20am: Address from City of Kelowna Representative
10:25am: Remarks from Dignified Speakers (Families, WorkSafe, Industry)
10:55am: Moment of Silence
11:00am: Clifford Kshyk (CEO – SICA) – Crane worker Legacy Fund
11:05am: Farewells

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