Who We Are

Working hard to make the Okanagan better for all workers. North Okanagan Labour Council is made up of 30 public and private Unions. We run several community events like Labour Day, Day of Mourning and work with charities like United Way to improve our communities.

Executive Board

The last executive board was voted in on November 3, 2021.

The next executive election is on November 2023.

Ian Gordon (CUPE 3523) President
Louise Gibson (MoveUP) Secretary Treasurer
Cheryl Stone (UFCW 1518) Recording Secretary
Kelly Hutchinson (BCGEU 1707) Vice President
Gail Neufeld (HEU) Vice President
Shane Curveon (ATU) Vice President
Helen Repole (BCGEU) Central Delegate
Wynn Hartfelder (BCGEU) Northern Delegate
Karen Abramsen (UFCW 1518) Sergeant at Arms
Ron Stipp (IAMAW) CLC Rep
Doug Gibson (BCFORUM) BCFORUM Delegate
Cori Huizer (VTA Local 22) 3-year Trustee
Kindie Wolfe (BCGEU) 2-year Trustee
Ronn Dunn (CUPE 3523) 1-year Trustee


Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 1722
1925 Kirschner Rd #3 Kelowna BC
Represents ~ _ Bus Drivers in the Okanagan

Delegate: Shane Curveon

BC Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU)
1064 Borden Avenue Kelowna BC
Represent ~10,000 workers in the Okanagan

Component 3 (Community Social Services)
Delegate: Wynn Hartfelder
Component 12 (Administrative Services)
Delegate: Helen Repole
Component 17 (General Services – Casinos)
Delegates: Kelly Hutchinson/Tawni Duhammel

Central Okanagan Teachers Association(COTA)/ BCTF Local 23 (Teachers)
200 Dougall Rd N #101, Kelowna, BC V1X 3K5
Represents ~ ____ Teachers in the Okanagan

Delegate: Susan Bauhart

Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) 760
1925 Kirschner Rd #3 Kelowna BC
Represent about 240 Postal Workers in the Central Okanagan

Delegates: Troy Coburn/ Matthew Aitken

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
211-1889 Springfield Road
1912 Enterprise Way #303
Represents ~ _ Okanagan public sector workers

Local 3523: CO School District #23
Local 5523: Vernon School District #22
Local 338: Kelowna Civic Workers
Local 873: Ambulance Workers
Local 523: Community Social Services + SD53, SD67 and SD83
Local 626: Vernon Civic Employees Union
Local 1123: Okanagan Regional Library

Delegate: Ian Gordon/Ronn Dunn

Health Sciences Association (HSA)
(Cottonwoods Care Centre, Starbright Children’s Development Centre, Living Positive Resource Centre, Kelowna General Hospital, David Lloyd Jones Home, BC Cancer Kelowna)

Delegate: Vacant

Hospital Employee Union (HEU)
Vernon and Kelowna Chapters
160 S Dougall Rd #100, Kelowna, BC V1X 3J4

Delegates: Gail Neufeld/Ken Robinson

International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker’s IBEW 213
1424 Broadway St, Port Coquitlam, BC

Delegates: Luke Mortenson, Niklas Terava, Jeff Fisher

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW 1518/247)
185 Asher Rd Kelowna BC

Delegates: Karen Abramsen/Cheryl Stone

International Association of Firefighters (IAFF)
Local 953 Kelowna http://www.kelownafirefighters.com/
Local 1517 Vernon
Local 4457 West Kelowna

Delegates: Vacant

Movement of United Professionals (MoveUP)
Various office workers and administrators (e.g. ICBC, FortisBC, BC Hydro)

Delegate: Louise Gibson, Deena Coles

BC Forum of Retired Union Members (BCFORUM)

Delegate : Doug Gibson, Greg McGowan

Kelowna's Union Advantage

Kelowna's Union Advantage Infographic

Join the NOLC

Want to join the North Okanagan Labour Council?

Do you work in a unionized workplace? Do you have new delegates to send to our meetings?

Download the forms and information you need here.

You can email them to: nolcrecording@gmail.com or bring them to the next meeting.

Note the mailing address on the letterheads has changed to: PO Box 2609 Kelowna BC V1X 6A7. We’ll get those updated soon.

1) Application Form
2) Delegate Credential Form
3) Per Capita Remittance Form

How many Delegates is my Union Allowed?!

Representation at meetings shall be on the following basis
From affiliated local Unions, Branches and Lodges

100 members or less – 2 delegates
101 to 200 members – 3 delegates
201 to 300 members – 4 delegates
301 to 400 members – 5 delegates
401 to 500 members – 6 delegates
501 members and over – 7 delegates